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The contractual activity of Taxi4Airport includes commercial passenger transport by order placement of the costumer. The contractual services include safe transport of the agreed number of persons with their baggage at the agreed pick-up date to the agreed destination. Other services such as child seats (up to 4 years) e.g. or excess baggage and the entrainment of animals have to be agreed separately and have to be requested in the frame of booking.

Booking procedure

A booking can be done by phone under +49(0)178/66 45 854, or by the application form at the homepage. The booking has to be done at least 12 hours before the departure. After access of the booking request, the costumer will get a non-binding package price offer sent by e-mail. For placing the order a short confirmation is necessary. With this confirmation of the placed order the customer accepts our general business and transport conditions. The transport contract only has been concluded after Taxi4 Airport has confirmed by writing an e-mail back. When having booked via phone a confirmation will be done verbally. The customer is obliged to check the issued booking confirmation immediately for correctness. For the correctness of the customer’s data only the customer himself is responsible. In case of abnormalities according to the arrival or departure dates the customer immediately has to contact Taxi4Airport via e-mail. If there will be no notifications, our transport duty expires.

Pick-up time

The customer has to calculate with plus/minus 15 minutes to the agreed pick-up time and has to be available at least 30 minutes before pick-up time under the phone number given by him. If the customer cannot be found on the confirmed pick-up address, the right of transport will expire after 15 minutes of waiting time started from the confirmed pick-up time. In this case the confirmed inclusive price has to be paid in full amount.If the unlikely event should happen that Taxi4Airport by driving to the airport could not follow the agreed pick-up time because of self-inflicted events, the customer has the option to order a replacement car (e.g. taxi) only after a consultation with and an approval of Taxi4Airport. The resulting additional costs for the customer then will be refundef or credited by Taxi4Airport.

Airport pick-up

Usually the passengers are expected with a personalized nametag at the exit of the baggage claim in the arrival area of the confirmed flight. Passengers who do not come out of the arrival area of the confirmed flight or will not arrive at the agreed meeting point will be called by the driver only once. If the customer doesn’t answer or he cannot be reached, so that no meeting can be agreed, the right to be transported will be cancelled 60 minutes according to the actual time of landing. Because flight arrival times can vary there can be slight delays during pick-up.

Liability notice

For delays due to force majeure (accident, breakdown, traffic jam) no liability is accepted. For trips to the airport Taxi4Airport adopts the additional costs to the agreed fixed price for a replacement car (e.g. taxi) if this has been agreed in advance and approved by Taxi4Airport. Damage to property only will be liable if the damage results from gross negligence or if it is intend based. For any damage or content there is no liability by Taxi4Airport.


The transport of 1 suitcase up to 20 kg, 1 piece of hand baggage up to 20 kg per passenger, 1 pushchair or wheelchair/walker per family is not notifiable. Excess baggage or bulky baggage as bikes, surfboards, skis, diving equipment have to be registered and may be transported only if free space is available and in safe packing.

Child seat, transport of animals

Booster seats for children up from 4 years will be provided free of charge by Taxi4Airport. For the carriage of infants the passenger has to take a car seat/restraint system corresponding to the age of the child. On request we will store these seats free of charges until the return. The number of these children who still need a child seat according to statutory provisions is to specify when booking. (Children under 12 years or less than 150 cm). For the transport of animals, if there will be enough space, and it will be agreed by Taxi4Airport, the passenger is obliged to provide the necessary, legally prescribed transport medium (e.g. animal box) at Taxi4Airport.

Cancellation and rebooking

A cancellation or a rebooking has to be done in writing by e-mail. A rebooking only will be effective when Tax4airport has confirmed the new date in written form. The customer can cancel his reservation for free 24 hours before the pick-up time. For cancellation within 24 hours before pick-up time Taxi4Airport will calculate a fee of 50% of the agreed fixed price. For bookings within 24 hours before pick-up time no cancellation charge will be calculated.

Prices and surcharges

The package prices listed by Taxi4Airport only apply to the traffic-effective route to the city center of the particularly named cities. For pick-up and destination locations outside the city center may occur fare variations. Only package prices which have been agreed by Taxi4Airport are valid. The driving price is specified in the written booking confirmation. For the transport from the 5 th to 8 persons a surcharge of 7,- Euro will be charged. The prices include 19% VAT.


The fare becomes due after the service has been generated and has to be paid directly to the driver. Usually the payment is in cash or by card ( EC, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express).Invoice costumers have to pay the services latest within 14 days after receipt of the activity-related single or monthly invoice. Discounts and deviant payment deadlines need an express written agreement.


Taxi4Airport stores and uses personal data only for processing and handling the customer`s order. Individual customer data will never be shared with third parties.

Application rules

Outside the agreements regulated by the General Business and Transport Conditions are valid the legitimate rules.of the STVO (Highway Code) STVZO (Road Traffic Regulation), BOKraft and the Passenger Transport Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz, PBfG).

Salvatoric Clause

Any ineffectiveness of single terms does not invalidate the whole general business and transport conditions. These points then are replaced by the statutory terms.

The place of performance and jurisdiction for all disputes Düsseldorf. German law applies.

Status: 08.2023



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